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Direct Coaching

At Choice Awareness we provide a number of ways for you to receive direct coaching, whether in live workshops, webinars or live telephone conversations.

We live in a world where we expect instance accessibility to things and people.

We strive to set expectations that you can solve most of your own challenges and issues on your own or with consistent discussion with your stakeholder communities and trusted relationships: it requires continued practice focusing upon the answer and not the challenge.

Scheduled TELEPHONE Conversations

This activity involves having a live conversation with one of our Managing Partners which could be completed via the Internet with VOIP, cellular or land-line telephone, or in a face-to-face meeting, usually in a prescheduled date and time.

Direct coaching is a desirable activity designed to support the clients' development, have possibility come present, while leaving the client complete and whole, and in the next right action for them. (Note) We reserve live telephone time for our customers usually limiting the conversation to 15 to 30 minutes.

Our belief system holds that direct-coaching is an effective way to get things started and tuned-up occasionally, but not as a long-term solution because the individual can and will become dependent upon the coaching person.

We see this occurring in all kinds of professional practices, especially in the healing arts and psychology fields (we invite you to read our Two Cautions and our No Dependency statements) to gain a greater understanding of what we mean.

Two other significant points of helpful insight:

  1. We encourage you to be very specific when you deal with any coach by making clear definitions of what to expect and what will be delivered: for expectation setting, we suggest shortening your time-frame result windows to not more than 90 day periods and read our coaching standard page for basics;

  2. Also, after using coaching to get you started and/or tuned-up, you should be able to create your own support team to help you solve any problem, personal or business, if you have selected the right people. See accountability as a sound starting point.

Taking personal responsibility for your language and behaviors are important elements of your On-Purpose life.


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