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At Choice Awareness we deliver value by clearly defining things for you and offering you ideas and concepts which can make a difference for you.

Like the enthusiastic women in the image close by, we help fill in the blanks for you with knowledge, information and experience without you having a training expense investment: merely read our words, absorb the meaning and begin to apply these ideas and concepts inside your life.

Wisdom Sidebars

We place ideas, concepts, suggestions, personal, empirical and anecdotal knowledge throughout our website and products, highlighting these sidebars (usually in red to be easily seen). A few examples follow:

(Wisdom Sidebars for this website) 

  • Choice Awareness does not desire, wish, and/or otherwise plan on creating a dependent relationship with you. We want to be viewed as being part of your support system, available and there when you need us: only then.

  • BTW, we realize that you may not have enough worldly experiences yet which provides you with alternatives in which to choose from, so we offer the following ideas as a starter point: 1) do nothing right now but sit with the uncomfortableness of it and think about the situation you are encountering; 2) ask yourself "What am I to learn from this?", "Why is this coming up for me right now?" "What would my father, mother, brother, sister and my friends do inside these circumstances?";  3) look for at least five to ten major answers to come forward during this pondering process and write them down so you will not forget them;  4) share all of the stuff that came forward with your stakeholder community and/or trusted relationships and solicit their best thoughts and ideas about it; and finally 5) create a set of beliefs, choices, actions and results from what you just learned and begin tracking the outcomes you desire. In addition, from your own awareness and insights of this example, do you now realize that you may owe someone an apology for your actions and/or behavior?

  • We want you to share what you have learned for yourself with others: all your important relationships. If it happens that you are doing this for your business, you learn to share what you have learned with all your colleagues and your important relationships.

(Wisdom Sidebars for our blog sites)

We use tables in our blog sites which have a specific names inside each blog (e.g. / Wisdom Sidebar 302010-4_01 /). These tables have an introduction description about the purpose of the sidebar, then table items numbers starting with 01 and an associated wisdom sidebar explanation. Some of the explanations may contain links for further reference materials or images which support the sidebar (i.e. click to see a current example of our table standard).

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