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At Choice Awareness we encourage you to develop personal disciplines for yourself and we offer you ideas & concepts that we believe will make a difference for you.

We have chosen the word discipline because we mean it to account for all kinds of things for you, such as:

  1. An opportunity to perform worthy actions of great value to ourselves, our stakeholder communities and our trusted relationships,

  2. Expect the possibility that excellence will remain in our lives on a daily basis: that we are guided by it,

  3. Experience our family, play and work lives merging into fulfilling occurrences where we become the same person regardless of what role we play or where we participate,

  4. Expect our new life takes on fruitful and expansive meaning because we begin to live everything inside of our purpose and our Beliefs and Choices Methodology (BCM).

  5. We sense a renewed zest for life and the wonderful things which come present for us: we realize they have to do with our own beliefs and choices architecture,

  6. We participate with greater enthusiasm and

  7. Feel more connected to those we encounter...

While these points made above are starters, we know that you can expand this list with your own unique and practical ideas.

What Do We Mean? 

We want you to begin defining personal disciplines for yourself right now.

We want that these disciplines to become Sacred and Holy to you, such that you place high-emphasis on them being present in your life - in a similar way that you currently worship your Deity (i.e. your Deity is unique to your own personal and professional way of believing and behaving: it may be God, or a set of God's, a higher-power, an association or group, the universe, your family and friends, etc.).

To help you begin your process (especially if you have little experience with personal disciplines), we will start by sharing some that have worked very effectively for us;

  1. Morning preparation for the day - devotional, prayer and community time,

  2. Sharing your ideas with your trusted relationships,

  3. Writing and exposing your personal disciplines such that you visualize and remind yourself what they are for you,

  4. Practice exercises which keep you present inside your personal disciplines, so that you are consistently participating with your disciplines,

  5. Day time review of what's occurring inside your disciplines to provide current feedback of your emotions, your behaviors and the results you are receiving,

  6. Constant connection throughout the day by asking for guidance from your Deity, coupled with close observation and inspection of the people who interact with you and what comes present from them,

  7. Final evening completion, where you thank your Deity and all your day time connections for the delivery of what you have received during the day - it will help you to express gratitude and humility in your thoughts and sharing with a partner.

The significance of the development of your own personal disciplines are intended to have you build your character and your sense of who you are.

(Wisdom Sidebar) The basic outcomes from these practices forward who you are and who you are being. When your ideas, language and actions all match, you will possess integrity within yourself: people will trust you, connect with and love you - that's how important this can be for you.



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