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At Choice Awareness we believe that the beliefs, choices, actions and results you define will actually manifest.

We see it occur and happen all the time: no miracles here just plain old definition and practicing disciplines will bring things into being.

This takes work effort and time to allow these to come into place in your life: you must be committed to your own definitions, so that you can consistently ponder, believe and visualize what is to occur.

How Does it Appear? 

The important things we want for ourselves in our lives must be defined clearly and articulated well so that they can manifest.

We have the methods to help you establish your Beliefs and Choices Methodology so that this will come to fruition for you.

You will learn the "What and Why of it" during our Getting On-Purpose webinar, with the necessary "How to" to get you going on your new pathway. 

But, how does one do this and what experiences have you had that suggest this is possible?

One need only look to our own experiences with practicing to understand how it has happened for you in the past.

We suggest you simply recall some of your own examples of practicing and what you were delivered from it - to realize for yourself what you are capable of accomplishing.

You can compile a short-list of what occurred and what you received.
You may surprise take some time right now to do that and see what shows up.

Begin Your Pathway Now

We have starter list below of suggestions to get you thinking and doing something about this for yourself right now.  

We also suggest that you reserve blocks of time in your day and week to allow this to occur: be guided by our ideas about eliminating distractions.

 Starter List

  1. Write a list of some important results you wish to occur in your future - be bold and think "Play Big"

  2. Look for images of the results you just defined and paste them onto a vision-board you can see each day

  3. Write down your ideas about what motivates you and the promises you are willing to make to allow this to happen in your life

  4. Begin to speak the language out loud for what you have already written - do this by yourself

  5. Spend time each day thinking about what you have prepared...think possible.

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