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Manifested Faith

At Choice Awareness we have developed a new definition for manifested faith, which we believe brings faith to new levels of evolution and participation for oneself.


Faith for us is the completion of our belief; the end point.

The normal definition of faith is fidelity to one's promise of belief.

We argue it is an ending point, it is where all activities culminate with the delivery of specific outcomes originally defined in belief.

Faith is set from the experiences of all our selected activities: those activities are the results from choices and actions we take.

Achieving Manifested Faith

We can many times feel the intensity in ourselves, grasp for clearer explanations, share what occurs with intimacy in our connected relationships, all the while pondering the supposed mystery of our faith. We know for us, this happens.

Moreover, we leave you your own way to describe faith for yourself: it may already be working effectively for you or not.

However, we firmly believe that if you follow our teachings and suggestions by participating fully in your Beliefs and Choices Methodology (BCM) with your own unique definitions and practices, you will be able to clearly articulate your faith: whether it be in your skills, family, business or otherwise.

Realize also too, that the manifested faith we describe here is always a primary outcome in our achieving our beliefs. Yes, beliefs have outcomes by defining the belief-result you aspire to attain or achieve.

The Appearance of Faith

Much of the time, faith goes unspoken because of our deep acceptance and/or our willing or unwillingness to share about it: plus it is typically tied to religion, religious dogma, tradition, culture and more.

But, you don't need to be quiet about your faith's.

In fact, we suggest bringing both the words belief and faith into your language: make clear the definitions for your specific belief system. The knowing and understanding of them will have enriched you and the lives of your connected relationships.

The main benefit will be increased awareness, understanding, alignment, acceptance and participation.

We say that manifested faith becomes real when you experience all that you have created in your beliefs and choices designs: this means fully to have defined your belief clearly, executed the right choices, actions and you have gotten the results that you defined for yourself. Bingo...

If these connect at both physical and spiritual levels - we say all the better for their occurrences!!!

Possibility Abounds

From our experience, belief and faith are what produce the fire-in-the-belly passion that drives us forward. They define who we are, what we do, clearly mark us as distinct and uniquely human.

We are bent toward changing how people perceive them - that's why we spent time providing you our ideas here.

From our personal and our company's perspective, our focus is choice and the awareness of it.

We believe that all things will come from them.

By way of our reasoning and experiences, belief is the source of our choices, faith is inherently a part of each experiential result(s). Consequently, we are compelled to address them.

We are committed to teaching you about beliefs, choices, and actions as our concentration: how to interrupt and understand them, create, define and modify them, experience them, and implement them into your life.

We are serious about creating a Belief's Movement where everyone benefits from designing and implementing their own beliefs and have them come true...Just image how the world would change when this occurs?


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