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At Choice Awareness we have provided a new definition for manifested belief, which encompasses a profound and meaningful way of establishing effective belief(s) for oneself.


Belief for us is the beginning of faith; a starting point.

The normal definition usage holds belief as confidence, trust and conviction.

We say as a starting point, there are multiple meanings and definitions that we give our manifested beliefs and their associations are always coupled with specific outcomes: this is what makes a manifested belief real and tangible.

The associations are the choices and actions we take to manifest the belief, which only manifests when the result(s) are attained: it produces experiential manifested faith.

Our ideas about belief happens first in our mind (all thoughts are born there: then we put them down on paper, visual or electronic form), proceeds with our choices, propels us into actions, and completes with the resultant outcome of faith. 

This is what gets us out of bed in the morning, allows us to live on-purpose with true meaning for us, has us participate in all kinds of interests, lets us experience happiness, and has us producing contributions and accomplishments.

See our CAM Mission which depicts and supports the ideas of all kinds of things being able to show-up in our lives.

And today, we hold that beliefs are directly addressable by us any time we desire or want: we can become aware, understand them, and design them to meet our needs. Our beliefs drive much of what we do.

Isn't this a wonderfully powerful concept?

(Wisdom Sidebar) We give meaning to our entire lives, everything we do inside our lives, all the people, relationships and events that occur have been given meaning, rightly or wrongly - this is what we do as humans. We are simply "Meaning Making Machines" and much of the time our meaning is fraught and filled with someone else's conditioning, faults, errors and misinterpretations - whether childhood-created, family oriented, wives-tale-based, mythical-storied, adult-laddened or otherwise.

We suggest to change this age old situation and circumstance by defining beliefs which serve us with clarity and produce measurable results. We say let's use meaning to our advantage and make it truly worthy for the doing of it. 

Current Beliefs - Not Necessarily VISIBLE

In many ways for some of us, we have only a surface or casual understanding of our beliefs, and some times for us too, these are not easily noticeable or touchable.

Currently held beliefs appear in the background for many, until we become ready to uncover them, understand them, change them for our needs, and step-up to embrace them fully. In many cases, we should simple discard the faulty beliefs.

Our focus is upon defining new beliefs, yet we will show you how to uncover one or two of your currently held beliefs, so that you can gain an initial understanding of how significantly they affect you.

You Can Make Our Beliefs Reality

We argue that belief becomes real and tangible only when you define all the characteristics and associations about your belief.

Please inspect the vertical tootsie-roll image in our Beliefs Elements Illustration at the top of page, in which we categorize beliefs in four ways:

  1. Outcome Linked - meaning each belief has a specific outcome,

  2. Experiential practiced - meaning that from the beginning definition of your beliefs through all your choices and paired actions, to the final result or outcome you defined is an experiential practice, where you are in constant discovery and learning mode. You will monitor, change, refine and adjust each belief component until your result is attained. these experiences become the basis for the story of your belief and what it means to you. For businesses, this becomes the organizational memory - if your capture the entire story!!!

  3. Emotionally connected - means that during your definition and practicing of your belief, you will become emotionally connected in deep ways, with the why and what being answered as you practice your belief.

  4. Purposeful based - means that your belief will connect to your overall purpose and provide you with a richer meaning of what you are all about.

In addition, we invite you to review some of our new insights where we distinguish beliefs in 10 unique ways: this material is covered in depth in our Beliefs Workshop. Yet, you have been given a gift by being able to review these starter beliefs, while gaining an understanding with at least 10 ways that beliefs operate - there are more...Can you think of some yourself?


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