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At Choice Awareness we occasionally make distinctions about topics where it makes sense do demonstrate the differences.

Special Distinction

For some of us, we speak little of beliefs in our current society because we connect belief and faith as one, choosing instead to speak of core values, stands, missions, purposes, and other ideas, rather than mention beliefs/faiths for fear we maybe perceived as being religious and/or somehow out of the main stream.

Not many today want to be perceived as pounding the pulpit/podium, except of course some clergy and most politicians. Secularism, political correctness, and worldliness (i.e. feel free to increase this short-named list) will produce such concerns.

Occasionally these proponents will attempt to dampen our voices, usually with intimidation connected directly to fear - history is wrought with such occurrences. Yet, there is no reason to be concerned about our belief or faith, and every reason to widen and strengthen them.

Unless of course, you are guided by a preponderance of fear of them - we suggest you accept your humanness and let go of your concerns  (e.g. fear is a normal human emotion with some associated healthy aspects - survival and flight from real impending danger).

Religion is Sacred & Private

Here also in this special note, we will leave the word faith as fundamentally connected to religion and an article of belief in the unseen and perhaps unknowable, indescribable but nevertheless clearly an act of believing, as in a Deity such as in Jesus Christ, Budha or some other spiritual connection.

Within the context of religion, we consider faith as a selection and practice of the individual, guaranteed and protected within various changing limits, by our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, and also as a deeply personal and private matter. This includes the selection of such, the participation, and any related activities. We leave this topic to you and your higher power, as it should be.

We know the important choices and actions of prayer, solitude, participation, and meditation re-enforce our trinity-faith. Our own religion says the bird can only fly with his two wings: 1) one wing represents faith; and 2) the other wing represents reason. We concur with the Pope's idea.

THe Unseen Becomes Tangible

However, we are talking about something very different here: we are talking about manifesting belief and faith. We expect to expand these ideas for ourselves and others: we know and have experienced manifested belief and faith to be limitless in every capacity. We refer to the selected examples of belief and faith in yourself, in your relationships, in your skills, in your country, ad infinitum.

Our most important point here and our primary distinction about "manifested" belief and faith is that you can define, design, create and modify them as you like, with as much power and intensity, that they become tangible, knowable and you are able to experience them and modify them as you like until they work in a positive fashion in your life.

They are measurable, malleable and made into reality by the meaning and emphasis we give to these manifested beliefs: through our experiences of language, choosing, actions, and the delivered results. When this occurs our faith is built, confirmed and made tangible - to become manifested faith.

(Wisdom Sidebar) We possess many beliefs which are ineffective and serve to harm rather than support: most often these are called "Inhibiting" beliefs. There are experts who can help dissolve these beliefs easily because we have simply given meaning to events, experiences, etc. which were/are completely without merit, required no meaning to be attached - they just were. We recommend using meaning in a positive and effective way where you define the truth of what you want and the outcome(s) you aspire to achieve.

While we mention here "manifested" belief and faith, from this point forward we will simply refer to them as belief and faith

We hope you are perceiving our point. Please read-on.


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