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At Choice Awareness we understand that these two words of belief and faith are highly sensitive, important and very susceptible to interpretation.

We realize that individuals, various groups, societies and cultures have and still fight and die over these words.

It is our intention, desire and design that no one be harmed by any creation and/or active usage of "manifested" belief and faith. We realize that our world is filled with bankrupt and deadly beliefs, all one has to do is read the newspaper, watch television for a few minutes and you will see the extend of the corruption and destruction that permeates world views. We believe that our processes will produce personal responsibility and goodness but we caution you to read Two Cautions before proceeding into our website. We wish and desire only goodness come from using our website, our processes, products and services. If you have other ideas, do not use our website.

From our deep background in business analysis, process and software development across multiple domains, we apply accepted principles to help you create or recreate, refine and continue to produce evidence-based methods to support your beliefs and choices methodology.

From our design criteria, we have made these creations scalable with verification in an implementation which can continuously sustain outcomes across many conditions and circumstances present in everyday life and business.

We are only interested in opening up possibility and expanding the already deeply inherent properties of the normal words belief and faith, yet with our own unique and particular distinction - manifested is the design requirement and your creations will manifest with practice disciplines and management.

Our primary objective is to "Release the Power of Choice" designing and assessing manifested belief to produce manifested faith.


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