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Design Criteria

At Choice Awareness we design and create things all the time using models, photographs, illustrations, tables so we can see an end result or outcome.

We typically draw anything that comes to mind using advanced tools or simple post-it notes.  

We record our creations either hand written, scribbled on a white board, paper or capture the spoken word via any method available to us - we love technology.

Having come from backgrounds in Information Technology and creative design, drawing out ideas is a natural patterned way and direct avenue for ideation and development. 

We think hierarchical, layered, structured, unstructured, disconnected, coupled, disparate or anything that comes present for us - we are bent toward capturing patterns, occurrences and literally anything that we perceive, observe or discover. We like scattered too and are particularly fond of artist Jackson Pollock and his unique style.

Method in the Madness 

When things appear stopped we break things, draw out things and then tear the paper we have created, look at things upside down or sideways for new perspectives or glints into what's possible: it does seem maddening at times.

Yet, we seem to find ways that make sense and the Choices Pyramid is but one example of thinking through and creating a reasonable model for what occurs in the selection process.

(Wisdom Sidebar) We initially spent our time with Venn diagrams because of the nature of intersections and encapsulation characteristics of the format but then finally decided upon the simplicity of the triangle and its easily recognizable hierarchy.

Look close by to review our initial Venn Diagram for an overview of our CAM methodology - it may still resurface in the future - we have learned to never close the door on things worthy of re-inspection.

You may have noticed that we have bent toward exploration and discovery for the purpose of describing things in ways that promote connection with process and movement - also, for revealing and uncovering subjects for awareness and learning.

This is an intention since there are some fundamental laws about motion which tend to keep motion perpetual - however we didn't believe the law had complete applicability in this instance.

3D Triangle Works for us

This image is our 3D version of our Choices Pyramid because it provides both depth and completeness about BCM.

We wanted the 3D triangle to show time phasing for the present and future using a simple line marking those periods. See the right side of the illustration.

We also wanted there to be a sense of color and the importance of such with a narrowing point focal point of the end result at the highest point.

While the scale in our illustration has no relationship to the importance of each component or the level of effort required for each definition, the overall intention is for you to gain a sense of how these component play together - the hierarchical nature of the process and flow of it all.

What is not shown is that manifested faith occurs when the results are attained - we decided to leave this out purposefully - can you image the reasons for such strategy?

We hoped that our illustration works for you, especially in your understanding and grasping of our concept.

Another Perspective

The Choices Pyramid is an image which is easy to understand and demonstrates a hierarchical conceptual view of the Beliefs and Choices Methodology (BCM).

Another more important way to look at how the BCM operates is shown in the illustration close by, called the BCM Illustration.

This graphically depicts how one belief has an accompanying outcome to produce a set of experiences.

Each belief has a set of choices, which has a set of actions, which produce a set of results: all toward creating the specific belief result/outcome.

One major point to grasp in the illustration is that experiences are captured in our CAM Choices application and is accessible as a repository of organizational memory (OM) - see different ideas on knowledge management (KM).


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