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At Choice Awareness  we are happy to provide you with our second Getting On-Purpose webinawhich will have you begin to define the alternative choices for the beliefs you defined in our first course.

Our webinars have been designed to provide you with learning materials.

These include a student guide containing things like illustrations, photos, examples, forms, exercises, bibliographies and links to on-line references. 

The materials are designed to be used over and again with a special work packet download containing complete e-Booklet documents, visual displays and the important things you'll need.

Supporting Materials

We also have two free e-Booklet's which describe the course giving you some important reasons to consider why our course is worth taking. If you are willing to read and explore, you'll probably open up new ideas and thinking for yourself. If this is not for you, then please pass it along to your closest friends, family and colleagues and see what they gain from our course.

You will receive right now: 1) an overview; and 2) a deeper look into the course with suggested before and after things to do to help you succeed with creating your own unique Getting On Purpose designs. By just reading and absorbing our ideas, you'll receive new awareness. Click on the blue download buttons to get your PDF e-Booklets for your device.

You determine if it is right for you to commit to starting something creative, then we invite you to begin a new way for you to look at your current life and what's possible for you.

It's easy and doable for anyone, regardless of your experiences, background, age or other inclinations.

Webinar Objectives

This "Getting On-Purpose" Personal Disciplines On-Purpose Series 1300-100 webinar, part one of a four part series which maps to our On-Purpose Awareness Model, is designed to fulfill on specific reasons which will enhance your knowledge and experiences allowing you:

  1. To learn how to define the possible choices for one of your belief's with the outcome that drives the 2nd of 4 stakes in the ground for your designed purposeful life (4P's). By doing this second step, new vistas will open for you.

  2. To define or refine the ideas behind your choices with the outcome to determine what's possible. Most of us haven't done this before - here you uncover the alternatives for you.

  3. To begin to think big about your choices and their implications to understand the impact to your life.

Outcomes and results

For those of you that want to know what you get, this webinar is separated into 6 components and spans 1.5 hours from start to finish, all designed to have you create your own personal design to get you doing your life on purpose. That's it!!!


Our course includes many items such as an agenda, comprehensive student course materials with a detailed student guide (i.e. designed to allow you to record your thoughts and ideas during the course) and work packet with all necessary course documents and materials (i.e. Illustrations, photos, forms, etc.) and a secret access to our downloading landing page - all for a market value of approximately $1,900.00. Our materials pass rigorous tests for excellence by either our managing partners or review/delivery teams.

Webinar Availability Table

The webinar purchase table shows the dates and times of our courses.

Webinar Purchase Table

Getting On The Bus Webinar

Live (internet sessions)


Product: 1300-100-20  (TBD)

Held on Tuesday'sWednesday's, Thursday's and Friday's.

Weekday #/Access Date Times Price Shopping Cart
Tuesday Webinar TBD 11:45 am - 1:15 pm $149.95 TBD
Wednesday Webinar TBD 4:45 pm - 6:15 pm $149.95 TBD
Thursday Webinar TBD 11:45 am - 1:15 pm $149.95 TBD
Friday Webinar TBD 4:45 pm - 6:15 pm $149.95 TBD

If you selected one our of services, Thank you for your purchase - you will receive a confirming email with a separate download link.

Webinar Notes

Select the time and dates that will work for you above from our beliefs webinar availability table.

The photo close by is a representative sample of a computer learning environment: iMac, iPad, iPhone: we recommend desktops, laptops and tablets as your first choice for connections to the internet.

Please have your Webinars materials pre-printed or available on your computers prior to the start of the webinar. 

All times listed in the Getting On The Bus webinar table are Pacific Standard Times.

Download Section


Free Student Guide - Webinar Overview # 501320 SG-IO

The webinar overview is a short document filled with highlight information about the workshop (cover shown close-by). It is a quick read for the course


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Click the icon to get our Free Student Guide - Internet Webinar Overview

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Free Student Guide - Webinar Deeper Look # 501320 SG-IDL

The webinar deeper look is a thirty-plus pages document filled with essential introductory information (cover shown close-by). For those of you that are readers, you'll get a lot of it.

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Click the icon to get our Free Student Guide - Internet Webinar Deeper Look.

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