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Adapatbility Reviews

At Choice Awareness we have designed a practice which we call "Adaptability Reviews" to help in ensuring that your belief results will occur.

Our review is part of our CAM Framework Foundation and is identified as the "Continuing Component".

We invite you to consider that excellence can only be attained by measuring your beliefs results. With that in mind...

The adaptability review purpose is to inspect what is occurring, adapt any of the choices, related actions or modify the result.

These changes typically have impact in language, participation and practice.


Our adaptability has its roots from standard project management practices.

Introduction to adaptability reviews

Adaptability Reviews will identify what's working and what's not and will be captured in the CAM Choices application for the changes required to the beliefs, choices, actions and results. In addition, the data will also be captured for the experience which becomes the beliefs/choices repository: this is the organizational memory for the business.

Adaptability reviews should normally take between 45 to 60 minutes initially, but you'll probably spend only 30 minutes after you gain experience and you make significant progress with the review itself.

Remember the primary purpose of the adaptability review is to take a measure about which is working and or not. The focus of the beginning of these first reviews is to understand how your belief of "Purpose" is working, which can be known by the way every day life occurs inside your business and how the leadership team and the champions are acting. Your "purpose" belief is the main reason that your company, business unit, team or group exists.

The initial success measures will be based upon the interpretation of these measures. As time proceeds your definitions about "People", "Participation", and "Practice" (e.g.  these are the remaining components for our 4 "P's" definition - see the link) will be included in the AR measures and some of the measures will be taken by independent surveys in the future for full employee activity.

But in the beginning, you will want to measure your top five beliefs results as the basis for learning...

Our Adaptability Reviews are covered in detail in our Leadership Huddles.


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