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Choice Awareness' definition of corporate teams are people who has a primary stake in outcome(s) for specific business department(s). They are engaged in the successful sustaining and development activities and typically report to a higher authority, whether that higher authority is a supervisor, manager, or director.

They are as varied as the people in the picture close by - they come from all age categories, all ethic backgrounds, all social levels and economic conditions: practically anything that you can image.

They usually possess a specific set of experiences, skills and talents - we call it domain expertise. The expertise vary substantially and usually include some combined forms of comprehensive and selective levels of achievement in specific area of business, technology, sales, marketing, product and service development,  research, engineering, etc. to name a few.

They are measured in many different ways but one principal form of measure is producing results for a specific project, department or business unit critical objective(s).

A higher authority is the primary driver for their domain expertise: they have little if any control over how they deliver their services. Many times the corporate teams have domain expertise but it might not serve them adequately to produce the results required, especially when considering they have accountability and responsibility for certain aspects of the business but have little or no actual authority. Their primary objectives are to get things done on time and within budget.

The identity of the corporate team is as varied as their backgrounds. However, they usually operate within their leaderships or organizations domain past experiences and beliefs. 

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Coaching - Corporate Teams

Team Size = 10 people maxium(Call for larger groups)

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