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Choice Awareness' definition of a business owner is someone who has a primary stake in the development, success, and outcome(s) of the business. They may have created the business, inherited it or purchased it.

They are as varied as the people in the picture close by - they come from all age categories, all ethic backgrounds, all social levels and economic conditions: practically anything that you can image.

They usually possess a specific set of experiences - we call it domain expertise. The domains vary substantially and usually include some combined forms of selective levels of achievement in general business, technology, sales, marketing, product and service development,  research, engineering, etc. to name a few.

The are measured in many different ways but the principal forms of measure are annual sales, profitability, effectiveness and growth: our primary characteristics for this class of client.

The market is the primary driver for their services or products: they have great control over how they deliver their goods and services. Many times the business owner has domain expertise but it might not serve them adequately to run the entire business, especially when considering they have responsibilities for all aspects of the business including purpose, people, process, and participation.

The identity of the business owner is as varied as their backgrounds. However, they usually operate within their own deep domain past experiences and beliefs. 

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Coaching - Business Owners

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1800-06-26 Continuing Coaching Program $790.00 Add to Cart
1800-24-04 Telephone Call (Single Person) $85.00 Add to Cart
1800-24-06 Telephone Call(Group of People -5) $100.00 Add to Cart

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