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Choice Awareness' definition of entrepreneurs are people willing to take risks to build something in which they believe.

“Entrepreneurs usually have possession of the enterprise or venture and assume accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome.

The word entrepreneur is often synonymous with founder. Most commonly, the term entrepreneur applies to someone who creates value by offering a product or service, by carving out a niche in the market that may not exist currently.

Entrepreneurs tend to identify a market opportunity and exploit it by organizing their resources effectively to accomplish an outcome that changes existing interactions within a given sector” (F1).

They typically report to a particular group (i.e. investors) and have responsibilities for varied and specific duties to perform leadership and product/service specialty.
They are generally measured in different ways and are expected to create a product or service.
The major characteristic for entrepreneurs is that they invest themselves, their time, and their own money.
The issues and challenges present for them vary substantially.
They have significant influence in many areas.
The identity of the entrepreneurs is closely associated with their current creations and their own creative purpose in life.

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Coaching - Entrepreneurs

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