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Choice Awareness' definition of individuals are people who identify themselves as employees.

They typically report to a particular person or group, and have responsibilities for varied and specific duties to perform.

They are generally measured in different ways and are expected to assist in the production of some form of support, service, or product for their employer.

The major characteristic for individuals is that they earn an annual income.

The issues and challenges present for them vary substantially.

In many cases they are driven by the needs and demands of the employer, and have little control over their destiny. They may influence their participation in degrees, but usually only if the influence matches closely with the future of the employer.

The identity of the employee is sometimes closely associated with the company they represent, a group of people within the firm, or the values and beliefs in which they are exposed to on a continual basis.

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Coaching - Individuals 

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1800-02-26 Continuing Coaching Program $720.00 Coming
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1800-24-06 Telephone Call(Group of People -5) $75.00 Add to Cart

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