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At Choice Awareness we love to write about what comes up for us in our coaching and mentoring business to share our ideas and concepts with you for your benefit.

We have decided to archive our blog articles and list the new planned articles, which we now or will publish on our various websites and also make them available here free to you.

Under the heading Our Blog Archives below, contains links to our categorized blog sites. Once you select the sub-menus, browse the archive table - click the red link to go directly to the article and if you wish, click the blue button for downloading.

Up Coming Articles

To pique your interest, we have included for each website, the articles we are planning on publishing: we want you to get a flavor for our thinking.

Also, we encourage you to post any ideas or requests you have that might be of strong interest to you - please connect via our contact-us at the bottom of the page.

Our Blog Archives

We invite you to look at our Blog Articles:

  1. Benninghofen Company LLC - Our renamed business parent and principal blogging site

  2. Bob Benninghofen - introducing new ideas about Beliefs & Choices Methodology (BCM) - Learning How to be Different with BCM

  3. Berritt, Inc - our original corporation and blogs about business and professional

  4. Benninghofen Family Foundation - promoting excellence using BCM with on-going education

Regular Blog Formatting

We use WordPress on our blog websites, employing plugins, widgets and accompanying features to make it easy to read and find our topics. These regular blog article formats are somewhat different from the archives downloads - see our standarized blog pages on our parent company site for the blog standards we use.

Archive Publishing

We publish all our Benninghofen Company products using our Choice Awareness Management Publishing (CAMP) standard product formats, which we have defined for designs, product releases, etc. (e.g. see an example).

Archive Blog Standards

Our archive blog standards includes a table of contents, standardized headers and footers, along with the image details embedded where shown in the blog, along with the ordered materials, all in one place. The links are all working and intact, so when you download the PDF file all links are active and all the information is contained in one document: you can also pass our articles easily to others. They are somewhat different from our standard blog pages, but the content is the same.

So please, we invite you to share our articles with your family, friends, colleagues and associates.

Converting to DOWNLOADABLES is In-Progress

Once you have downloaded some of our product detail documents, workshop or webinar materials, you will gain an appreciation for all the care we take in publishing our products: we manage our releases ensuring the highest quality (i.e. we shoot for release scheduled for a 9.5 on the CAM Awareness Scale).

We just made the decision in mid-October 2013 to bring all the blog articles over to this archive page in a downloadable format and it will take some time to finish the conversion: we expect to be done by the end of 2017.


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