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Instructive Videos

Instructive Videos

At Choice Awareness we create videos that summarize some of our idea and concepts as a way to start you off on a new journey of discovery.

Our videos are designed to stimulate your thinking and generate new ideas for you.

Our videos will help keep you in a state of searching for possibility and opportunity.

Want to understand what possibility means for us? Then click this....


We consider our videos to be instructive videos. 

We believe it is a new and effective way to have your coach present for you - whenever you want him.

Watch your video anytime you want and need it - it's entirely up to you and your schedule!!!

Intro to Instructive Videos: 110-50-00

Take a inside look to hear about the power of videos and what it means to you...


iNstructive Fundamentals: 110-50-01


This video will get you connected to our fundamentals...


This is one example of what might be possible for you...

Use Over Again

No matter where you are in your development path and journey, our videos can be played over and again to re-ignite you - anytime you want.

The value that comes present for you, will be worth the exercise of reviewing them - just the way a good book that when read again surprises you with something you didn't see before.

The videos are a minor investment in you (i.e. priced very affordable).

Your time and effort to watch them will produce ah-ha moments for you, but more than anything, they will become the basis for you changing yourself.

If you are expecting to change anyone else besides yourself, you have probably come to the wrong place.

Sampling videos will provide about 20 seconds of the video play time - more than enough for you to gain some insights to the value they possess.


Instructive facilitation Videos

Our videos are considered edcuational videos for the sole purpose of having awareness and understanding come present for you.

They are produced in simailar fashion that our blog articles are developed: instructive, encouraging, inviting and always asking you to think for yourself.

Our objective is to point to things, give you some of our own experiences of the topic and ask you questions that will help it come to you on your own. If we gave you our answer, you would become resentful over time because it would be our soution and not yours.


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Video Purchases Tables


Coming -  2017 Releases

general Theme Videos

Product Code = 11050

Video #

Title - Short Description


Price Shopping
101 "Quick Introduction to the Beliefs & Choices Methodology (BCM)": Learn The impact of Your Choices 101S $4.99 TBD
102 "Don't Think You're Creative?": Learn How to Uncover Your Talents.
$4.99 TBD
103 "What is Your Life Delivering Today for you?": Take a Quick Pulse on How Your Life is Working - Answer A Few Questions.
103S $4.99 TBD
104 "What Happens when you Get Upset?": See What You Can Do to Calm Down and Change How You Respond.
 104S  $4.99
105 "Do People Leave You Wanting More?": Expectations setting for Everyday Use.
$4.99 TBD
106 "I Don't Get It": Here is a Way to Cope with Everything.
 106S  $4.99 TBD
107 "I Don't Get My Boss": Learn Essential 3 Things You Need to Know.
$4.99 TBD



Product Code = 11060

Video #

Title - Short Description


Price Shopping
201 "Using The CAM Awareness Scale": Learn How To Use it For Everyday Situations.
201S  $4.99 TBD
202 "How Come Those 10 Personal Questions Stump Me?": Uncover the Reasons
 $4.99 TBD
203 "My Fellow Workers Hate Me": Come in from Siberia and Warm Them Up.
 $4.99 TBD
 204 "Life Sucks - I Don't Even Care": This will get You Looking At The Real Issues 204S  $4.99 TBD
 205 "Relationships Could Work": The Uncommon Questions - Get Started Today 205S  $4.99 TBD
206 "Why Should I Keep Learning?": Learn Why It Does Matter to Me? 206S  $4.99 TBD
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