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At Choice Awareness we make a personal discipline of reading daily for at least two hours, then consider what we have read, share it with someone and just generally mull it over.

For those of you that are readers, welcome to a special place inside Choice Awareness.

Historical Perspective

We have been readers ourselves for many years, joining-participating in book clubs, buying, trading, sharing books, and talking about the fruits of what we have learned from reading.

We believe that reading is one of the primary sources of learning.

If this resonates with you, you will find a few things worthy of your time and efforts to look us over.

Please spend a few minutes looking at some of the things we have created - you may just find something that could spark something in you - innovation, creativity, new and old ideas, and reminders of something that needs to come present for you again...

While our website is an example of what you can gain by reading about us, here is what's available right now:


  1. An American Guide to Success (AGTS)
  2. Heart Choices


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BEST REGARDS and Thanks for considering us.

If you find anything particularly compelling or insightful, or you are left with a sense of high energy, please feel free to send us your impressions and any comments you wish to make about these statements. We look forward to getting your feedback, and please Contact Us with what you experienced from our services and products.