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At Choice Awareness we define disciplines as any activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; as in training.

A daily stint at the keyboard is excellent discipline for a writer or for a musician practicing the violin, depicted in the picture close by.

Practicing is the ticket to gaining excellence in anything. We suggest you focus your attention on your particular God given talents.

We also suggest that taking pencil or pen in your hand will produce affects which will stimulate sensing coordination - try that too!!!

It Takes Practice

We've based our disciplines upon our own personal experiences and have defined some that you can use:

  1. Daily,

  2. Weekly,

  3. Monthly

  4. Quarterly

  5. Semi-annually

  6. Annully

  7. or however you define when. 

These experiences are varied, rich, and healthy. They are targeted to get us communicating first with ourselves and in some cases with someone else - friend, family, colleague, mentor, associate, etc. 

Your communications normally can occur in written and the spoken form, although it may take other forms such as pictures, videos and what ever works for you. 

Some of the disciplines will have you experimenting with practices that never occurred to you, or ones that you know other people have tried - but you didn't think it would work for you. Try it - it may or it may not. That depends upon a lot of things.

Do No Harm

We will not recommend activities that would harm you and if you feel that you may be placed in harms-way - don't attempt it. In fact, one of our primary motto's is "When in Doubt Don't". Perhaps this will be the best common sense we can offer.

One of our stated goals is to move you toward actions which promote self-discovery and awareness.

We believe that by posing various disciplines, which promote healthy activities, they produce possibilities - each within your grasp to accomplish: this can help you learn how to create favorable practices.

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Now is the time to try our some of personal and business disciplines, like the free 22 page e-Booklet sample of our Annual Discipline - Visualzations and put it to good and effective use in your life... 

Our products are priced in the spirit of Walt Disney - family worthy, unique and accessible to all.

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 Annual Discipline - Visualizations  


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