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At Choice Awareness we have created methodologies which are easy to use, understand and implement for individuals, professionals and business people.

These methods become personal and business practices/tools which we gladly provide as a way for you to improve or enhance your disciplines.

We believe they will make a significant difference in your life.

Our Experiences of It

We have found over the years in building various practices for our clients, some commonalities come present. We have focused therefore on keeping these things simple, and easy to learn.

Like the image shown close by, a practice of using stickies on a wall can be very effective when you are trying to get your points across to someone.

We use this concept frequently to help reduce the complexity in large projects. We teach and use the method in some of our workshops and seminars: we have received very favorable feedback.

Please take a moment to review some highlights of our current methodologies and tools.

There are currently four methodologies which can help produce change in your personal and business life:

  1. CAM Framework Foundation - addresses fundamentals in your personal life

  2. CAM Awareness Scale - for use in personal and business

  3. CAM OPA Model - comprehensive model for producing change either in personal and/or business

  4. Beliefs Alignment Ladder - allows awareness and understanding about aligning your beliefs

Take a look at each one of the models to gain and understanding of how they might be helpful for you.

As always, we share what we have learned by offering them in the spirit of giving.


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