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At Choice Awareness we are inspired by stories we read or hear about - people, institutions, symbols, ideas, and concepts: all kinds of things provide us with inspiration.


What Inspires You?

What does the inspiration do for us?

Is it a momentary spark or spurt that nudges us forward a little?

Is it something that touches our hearts, or makes us cry with acknowledgment and identification with the central character or theme?

Does it make us laugh or reduce pressure from a tense situation? Does it lighten, intensify, and heighten us. Yes - to all and there is more.

Look at what we Have for you

We are beginning to provide some inspirational materials for you:

  1. Aspirant's Creed - learn what aspirant's are and do,

  2. Hero Model - gain a way to capture the characteristics of your hero's for your own life.

  3. Spiritual Connections - poetry, prayers and more coming 2014...

Consider An Inspirational Story

My Name is Rose: Learn More

How Do Stories Affect Us?

We get what we get from something, and it can and will be different for all of us: yet we do get something out of it - tangible or hidden until sometime later. Our inspiration can come from many places.

There are whole industries designed to provide you with inspirational fuel for your soul: Books, art, music, movies, media, exploring and all kinds of things. We suggest you continue your efforts at consuming and participating in those things because we are sure they produce great results.

However, rather than gain the momentary affect from the latest adventure, why not put something to paper yourself that can continue to impact you. Why not spend a little time and create something that will help inspire you, whenever you need it – any time any day?

Many are present right here at Choice Awareness - so please take a look at some good ideas that we designed...just for you!!!


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