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WhereWeWorkAt Choice Awareness we make ourselves available during daytime hours for live conversations, yet our website is available all the time.

Time Zone and Days of Operation

We operate in the Pacific Standard Time zone, scheduling services beginning from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday's through Friday's.

We willingly will accommodate flexibility to meet your unique and specific requirements. 

Client specific

Our client coaching and mentoring services are provided in many ways depending upon our client's specific requirements and it could be:

  • on-site at our client’s offices, or

  • on the telephone, or

  • over the Internet via VOIP with webcam, or

  • at a physical location of the client's choosing...

The setting is flexible and can be designed to accommodate groups from as few as 5 people to 10, 25 or 100 people.

Principal Location

We are located in Northern California: in the San Francisco Bay and the San Jose metropolitan areas because we live in this area and our original clients businesses have typically originated here.

But, this is only a starting point...

Travel Anywhere with Notice

We have provided services in all US time zones, including England, Europe, India and Israel before.  No physical restrictions exist for us, and we are open to travel anywhere in the world.


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