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With Whom We Work

At  Choice Awareness we work with individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate teams and groups of people.


Our coaching and mentoring service market includes individuals, business people, companies and business units that typically contain from 5 to 125 employees, business groups of 10 or 15 companies, and professionals that serve executive, senior leadership teams and various domains and industries (i.e. administration, IT, operations and more in healthcare, law, manufacturing, etc.).

We consistently look for key elements present in these groups: their purpose, values, beliefs and principles, authority/responsibility levels, along with high levels of dedication and commitment toward allowing and enrolling people into making things happen in their organizations.

Our Target Audience - Looking for Excellence

We want our audiences to strive for excellence in themselves and their markets/businesses because we want to work with great people and great firms.

We support their expertise but as coaches, our task is not to be experts in their business but to bring out the best in them: allow change to occur so that they and their people become more effective. Consequently, we listen and look for operating principles that:

  1. honor and respect the individual, groups (i.e. connections & stakeholders) and the business,

  2. promote personal and professional conduct which includes ethical practices - see our own principles

  3. focus attention and investment in the continuous development of people and processes,

  4. demand personal, team and group responsibility, and

  5. consistently engage people in actions that keep them doing the current and next right thing.

Key Points to Consider: if your vision and mission statements have become slogans, you will experience loss of its language power and all associated fundamental actions that supported your "Personal or Company Belief".

You will be able to notice that your life and/or your business is failing its primary purpose, while slowly dying. Listen to the language of yourself, your people and all your current relationships to perceive this state of decline.

Domain Expertise

We believe that innovation comes from the intersection of various domains and disciplines. We encourage people to inspect these - learn....consistently be open to possibility - in others.

We are suspect of coaching that concentrates upon specific domain(s) because that previous experience has a tendency to block, or inhibit creation of new processes and related actions.

Business Bent & Associated Characteristics

We have deep and broad experience with for-profit and non-profit privately held companies with revenues up to $50 million. We also work with public companies at the divisional and business unit levels - we look for autonomy so the organizational unit can make and carry out their purpose, while conducting business in the fashion that allows speed and flexibility to implement change.

Our experience set spans high-tech manufacturing, assembly, software development, distribution, sales and marketing organizations and various types of services companies.

We work closely with groups and alliances that provide professional services to these business such as accountants, attorneys, human resources and staffing teams, and also information technology services providers to name a few.

This exposure allows us to see what is occurring in people and businesses. But, we ask "So What?"

Our response to this question is simple. It only matters when our customers/clients understand and become acutely aware of what they and their people are doing.

Here's Another Key Learning Item: if you drive your people to exhaustion (i.e. the start-up silicon valley business model 24 by 7), you have no real idea about what it takes to create great services and products (i.e. see our blog on Who Understands Excellent Service).


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