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Our Principles

At Choice Awareness we have defined our core beliefs as our basic operating principles: the beliefs for which we stand.


On a daily basis, we use our guiding principles/stands to direct us in our experiences, thinking, speaking, and actions.
Taken in their totality, they comprise the philosophy of our company
  1. We will strive to remain present, aware, to contribute, to continue to seek understanding and be understood, to learn and discover, to remain open and willing to listen, while accepting and sharing the gifts we receive.

  2. We will strive for personal and professional conduct, which demonstrates and results in responsibility, integrity, character, honesty, morality, ethical behavior, accountability, love, happiness, and abundance in our lives. We will continue to promote these virtues in our modeling, beliefs, choices, practices and actions throughout all our endeavors.

  3. We will strive to make our words and our actions match: if we have caused harm when they did not, we will make things right and correct the harms done.

  4. We will strive for excellence and select effective choices, decisions and actions: we will pass along what we have learned, so that others may benefit from these different experiences. We will inquire, listen and contribute with the purpose of allowing understanding to become possibility.

  5. We will refine our beliefs, choices and actions such that they align with our principles, while forwarding our own and others living experiences.

  6. We price our services and products so that they are valuable, unique and accessible to all people. In many cases, we provide free downloads of foundational materials so that everyone who has an interest can benefit. We believe that we provide value, benefit and ideas which are usable by most people, producing positive and effective results in their lives. 

  7. We expect to effect the model for self-help: improve effectiveness so that investments in education are realized. We want to arm people with tools that they can use on their own, not requiring continued involvement with us (e.g. see our No Dependency statement), but reliance upon themselves, their family, intimate friends, colleagues, teams and the groups they build and sustain to support themselves. We believe in personal responsibility and accountability. We aim to assist people by teaching and promoting these beliefs throughout our products and services.

  8. In our own way, we will seek, honor, acknowledge and thank our higher-power (God for us): our varied connections (In the physical and spiritual realm) and gratefully accept the gifts of faith, belief, love and understanding that is granted to us and our fellow aspirants.


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