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At Choice Awareness many people have influenced or been involved in the thought process, creation and development of the services and products designed by Choice Awareness Management.

Some have had direct participation, while others have been more passively connected.

How does one mark the influence?

We like the principle of giving credit where it belongs: from the one(s) who originated the idea, thought, concept or belief that assisted and then lead us to the discovery for ourselves.

One could argue that many gifts if not all are divinely delivered: we concur whole heartedly. But, we like to identify the people which were chosen to connect the messages.

BaseLine Contributors

Regardless of the legacy, we believe the people listed below have contributed in different ways they may not even realize. Many of these wonderful people we call our friends, business associates and colleagues: they hold a special place in our hearts for who they are and have been to and with us.

  1. Janet Lash, (Partner in Life & Business, Wife, Colleague), Founder & Managing Partner, AVSO Events

  2. Sorin Damian, (Management Consultant and Colleague), President, ADMI Group, Inc.

  3. John Polland, (Colleague), Retired Senior Consultant

  4. David Ballou, Account Manager, Donatech

  5. Greg Swanson, President, Swanson Software

  6. Malaga Smith, President, Malaga Corporation

  7. Mike Connor, Creative Director, Catapultworks

  8. Brian Weller, (Consultant, Coach & Mentor), President, Horizon's

  9. Kelly Conway, (Marketing Guru), Founder & General Manager, Strike Marketing

  10. Les Hewitt, (One of my Business Coaches, Mentor and Colleague), President, The Power of Focus, Inc.

  11. Hank Shier, Consultant

  12. Ray Robinson, Founder, Prodigy Motion Pictures

  13. Tony Delas, Attorney

  14. Cyrus Lendvay, President, Blue Granite Consulting

  15. Tex Johnston, (One of my Business Coaches, Mentor and Colleague), semi-retired

  16. Rob Ryan, Co-Founder, Center for Health

  17. Jed Niederer, (One of my Business Coaches, Mentor and Colleague), Founder and Managing Partner, Eagles View Consulting 

  18. Germaine Porche', (One of my Business Coaches, Mentor and Colleague), Founder and Managing Partner, Eagles View Consulting 

  19. Hugo Solaris, Founder and Managing Partner, Dream Artisans, LLC

  20. Jeremy LaDuque, Founder and CEO, Elements Local.

  21. Joanne Justis, Owner, Numbers RU

  22. Authors, All included in current version of "An American Guide to Success"

  23. Bill Jackson, Photographer, Jackson Arts

  24. Mark Wright, Director Creative Services

  25. Andrea Casella, Branding & Marketing Solutions, Premium Resource

Honorable Mention

This section is reserved for both development and review teams which have participated at various times. The section will be high-lighted with specific products we have created: this section is coming in the first quarter of 2018.

Supported with Anonymous Gifts

To date we have received $41,000 all gifted generously by people who support our development activities. The beliefs and faith Good Ideas Pages have been dedicated to these donors.


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