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 At Choice Awareness we participate using extensive experience and backgrounds in small, medium and enterprise businesses, and of course with individuals. 

Managing Partner: Bob Benninghofen















Committed to growing himself, people and their businesses.

Specializing in personal, professional and business development, marketing, sales operations, technology and business: an SMB Executive Leadership Mentor and Fractional Sales Management Specialist who facilitates with impact to leadership, staff and select teams of professionals.

  • Draws upon decades of practical hands-on experiences to apply wisdom with effective methods: combines human understanding with best implementations.

  • Able to assist in revealing main purpose, connecting motivation, while lifting language and behaviors affecting personal improvement and team excellence.

  • Front & background facilitator who stirs the pot while making things happen.

  • Adept at assisting while overcoming the blockages for many disciplines that spans planning to execution with measurable productivity increase for sales, marketing, operations and financials.

  • Combines technology, practices and KPI's from comprehensive domain expertise for both simple to complex business processes: application delivery across small to large enterprise with increased customer satisfaction and loyalty: traverses programs, projects, geographies and accounts, etc.

Bob has a background in the fields of information technology, management, marketing, sales, consulting, training, mentoring/coaching, and executive leadership. He has been coaching professionally since 2001, while mentoring over 1,000 people one-on-one during the better part of the past 40+ years in his business life. He has remained involved in technology throughout his career and continues creative endeavors with video, software integration and web technologies. 

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Deep Technology, Process and Business Background

Bob began his career in an IT management training program with General Foods.

He provided technical services and solutions to corporate groups spanning all disciplines from support services to P&L units including production and manufacturing.  

As a manager and technology practitioner the next 21 years, he expanded his knowledge and talents by working with a multitude of professionals of all levels: from executives to manufacturing shop-floor people.

He sold services for 15 years, successfully helping grow two staffing/consulting firms. He has created three companies during his business life, and today participates at a board-level with a number of non-profit organizations.

Bob possesses keen communication capabilities including listening, discernment and articulation, along with highly developed problem solving, judgment and common sense acquired through mentorship and coaching.

Bob demonstrates acumen in business, leadership, management, and technology with domain depth in 10 fundamental business disciplines including accounting, business analysis, marketing, sales, inventory and production control, marketing, operations, project management, quality assurance, supply chain, software development, and vendor management.

Through his corporate and small business activities, he has acquired vertical industry expertise in many domains including retail, wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, finance, banking, eCRM, eCommerce, customer intelligence, and data/contact center operations.

Mentoring Focus

His experience includes leadership positions in corporate life in technical domains spanning multiple data center/services operations, medium to enterprise-scale software development and multiple large, medium and small implementation projects, professional services consulting groups, and sales of consulting and staffing services to start.

More recently, direct business facilitation and mentoring of people from all kinds of varied disciplines, spanning levels bottom-to-top and all directions sideways throughout entire organizations.

Throughout his career, Bob’s focus has been to assist client's in implementing their visions:  

  • distilling complex requirements into workable solutions, engaging people in lifting results

  • enrolling stakeholders and process with a purpose of lifting awareness, understanding and participation

  • lifting understanding across active communities with a result of increasing contributions and improvements

  • assit in creating and sustaining trust and evidence based beliefs systems which support the objectives.


His approach has been to invoke inquiry, analysis, creativity, facilitation and while mentoring and teaching.


Marketing and Sales Automation, Fractional Sales Management, Sales and Business Development, Time Management, Breakdown Isolation & Resolution, Measuring and Accountability, Process Modeling, Productivity Improvement, Business Planning and Development, Career Assessment & Planning, Beliefs Architecture, Decision/Choice Modeling, Motivation & Sustaining Practices, Group and Individual Training, Behavior and Methods Creation.

Bob is also actively involved at the senior leadership level with various colleagues where they provide executive search and engagement services.

Top Talent Summary

Facilitator, trusted adviser, conversationalist, author, speaker and blogger.

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Managing Partner: Janet Lash-Benninghofen









 Senior event consultant and business coach

  • Known for excellence, style, calmness, and commitment to delivering on client's unique requirements.

  • More than 20 years cultivating long-term relationships, successfully fulfilling on consistent high-caliber and stylish events on-time and within budget.

  • Draws upon corporate expertise from the hospitality industry with focus in Corporate Food Services, especially managing multiple corporate locations.

  • Proficient in planning/executing special events: high-end designs for weddings, specialized social and corporate functions.

  • Increased revenues and account retention with consistent client goal excess. Management of multiple unit operations, staff training and development with high staff retention.

  • Supervised staff of 12-45 associates and managed budgets of 1.5 million.

Janet has been active in giving back to the communities of Cupertino, Palo Alto, San Francisco and Santa Clara by teaching courses for the Wedding Institute in local colleges, contributing to girls clubs, along with various arts and entertainment venues.

Top Talent Summary

Facilitator, trusted adviser, speaker and blogger.

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  4. Collective Weddings - coming website release in 2018/19…


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