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Video Introductions

At Choice Awareness we have created four introductory videos to acquaint you with our business. 

Founders Introduction: 110-12-02

This short video introduces you to Choice Awareness Management's (CAM) coaching and mentoring business by interviewing the founder Bob Benninghofen. The video run time is 2:43 minutes and includes:

  1. What gets Bob out of bed each day...

  2. People can change their beliefs and and all related connections,

  3. Communications is the key by remaining in an inquiry until answers come present,

  4. Helping people find their answers,

  5. Being deeply connect and trained by educational gurus.

Core Beliefs - Beliefs Pyramid: 112-12-04

This shirt video introduces you to the Beliefs Pyramid which demonstrates how people typically make selections and choices. The video run time is 2:12 and includes:

  1. The thinking and design concept behind Choice Awareness Management,

  2. People's experiences lead them to their beliefs,

  3. The Choice Awareness Pyramid and its tier concept: the base layer is the starting point,

  4. Fundamental principles plus inquiry,

  5. Results and outcomes which you can attain.

Engaging Possiblity - Possibility Coming Present: 112-12-06

This short video introduces the characteristics of staying present and accepting help to move us forward in our lives: possibility can come about for us.The run time is 1.39 minutes and include the following ideas: 

  1. In matters business and personal; 

  2. We all need help; 

  3. What does quality mean to you? - Dependability, Integrity, Honesty;

  4. Staying present in the moment; 

  5. Being in demand of excellence.

CASE Studies - Results: 112-12-08

This short video show interviews with two of Choice Awareness Management clients to gain their perspectives on what they received during their engagements. The run time is 3:11 minutes and includes:
  1. The observations of two business owners; 

  2. From diverse Industries: technology & insurance; 

  3. Their unique observations for themselves; 

  4. What they learned and gained from the experience.



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