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At Choice Awareness we provide you with a set of practices that allow for the creation of a company culture.

We invite you to review our model of a company culture (i.e. see the image close by) as a way to help companies flourish and grow. We also believe that our company culture components will both attract and engage all stakeholders into your business.


Our model for implementing a company culture includes seven components as follows:

  1. Beliefs - establish the foundation beliefs that align with your business/group/team purpose.
  2. Language - establish the encouraging talk which promotes your beliefs with clarity and meaning.
  3. Behaviors - establish a set of champion and virtuous behaviors which will engage and enroll your people, as though they were their own.
  4. Practices - establish a set of basic practices using our 4P's model: purpose, people, practices and participation.
  5. Disciplines - establish a set of basic disciplines which will serve all stakeholders and bring people together.
  6. Artifacts - assist in helping you identify the company artifacts that your stakeholder will recognize as unique to your business/brand.
  7. Stories - learn how to tell stories about your business and high-light hyper performers - these stories are similar to organizational memory and will stand as examples of what's possible by working with your business.

Each one of these parts require leadership commitment, effort and focused work to create and implement inside your business.


The sports, military, emergency services and physician's world (i.e. just to name a few) realize the inherent benefits of developing beliefs systems to enroll people in excellence and continuing improvement. The benefits accrue in all ways related to the manner in which people approach, participate and contribute, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly. But change does occur, when a few things happen: over articulation of purpose, beliefs, practices, et al.

We also find that when a team of champions (e.g. who hold and promote these truths), will greatly influence and encourage everyone to participate at hyper-levels: the rest of the organization usually follows them.

We invite you to consider how this might work for you and your teams - click on the video icon to watch a short film which describes at a high-level what this all means for you...

An Introduction Video and pDF

We invite you to watch a short introduction to understand the meaning of "Shaping Your Company Culture", then download the Adobe PDF to access all the clickable links further describing it.

Our introduction is intended to show you how you can create a future for your company and enroll stakeholders into making that future happen.

The download table below contains our introduction PDF with clickable references to our blogs and other detailed references to help you understand what's possible.




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Shaping Your Company's Culture: Creating the Future of Your Company. This download is a PDF version our video found above.


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