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Scientific Scrutiny

At Choice Awareness we take much care in developing our products and services while researching, testing, measuring and experimenting thoroughly our ideas to the fullest extent possible before releasing them to you.

Because of this diligence, we invite scientific scrutiny of all of our offerings.

We typically encourage feedback from our customers, clients, participants and explorers at any point in our development, release and delivery processes, as evidenced by our review team disciplines, surveys, contact us and contact replying

Evidence Based Processes 

All of our processes are intended to create beliefs, their unique associated choices and actions all culminating in results which are measured for attainment. When the attainment is a 9.0 or better on the CAM Awareness Scale, one will receive manifested faith.

These evidence based processes are about an individual experiencing continuing measuring of the beliefs results for what works and what doesn't: in this way people take repsonsibility for their beliefs, the choices and actions they define for the results while ensuring the result is delivered to them. This reuires personal discipline and attention to your details to have this occur.

The rigor associated with measuring, monitoring and revising to gain the result is the beauty and the journey of it. We suggest using an accountability partner to help one get there.

We will teach researchers the fundamentals of our Beliefs and Choices Methodology so that in-depth study can be undertaken.


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