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At Choice Awareness we have defined awareness in a special way.

Awareness within the context of Beliefs and Choices Methodology is about gaining insights into the manifested beliefs that you create for yourself along with the end results which you define for the belief(s).

We consider the manifested belief which we design/create are purposed to aspire to excellence in our On-Purpose Life: the underlying objective is to be based in time-tested healthy principles which benefit others and ourselves.

This awareness is gauged along a spectrum of time and effectiveness of the beliefs results attained throughout our selected choices and actions toward the end result: we design these results with goodness in mind purposefully excluding any delivery of intended or unintended harm.

The insight gained from the awareness of what occurs in our quest toward the result will be based upon the evidence we perceive occurring because we monitor the results through our measuring, we gain access to what works and what doesn’t. We may also gain undestanding and insights which otherwise would not have ocme presnt expcept for our constant inspection of producing excellence: the rating of 9.5 or better on the CAM Awareness Scale.

Awareness in this process is about our own perception and understandings based solely upon our monitoring evidence where we gain our insights along this pathway toward the results.

(Wisdom Sidebar)  This discussion of Awareness herein is in no way intended to follow the controversial teachings of Carlos Castaneda from his “The Power of Silence” where awareness is a study and understanding of the teaching of don Juan Matus, a Mexican Indian sorcerer. In addition, our use of awareness is also not intended to be a deep study from a philosophical or psychological perspective.


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