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At Choice Awareness we consider all of our Benninghofen Company Materials to be intellectual property and guard our rights to the fullest extent possible.

Benninghofen Company Materials are defined as all information, knowledge and wisdom displayed or mentioned in our website and associated blog sites (i.e. except external links to other's proprietary materials), any internal development tools, documentation, formulas, methods, know how, processes, designs, new products, new services, developmental work, product and services marketing requirements, marketing plans, customer and client names, prospective customer and client names, and our Master Services Agreement, The MSA Addendum, and Statement of Work and their terms and pricing.

We use a standard Notice banner in each of our product and services documents, be they e-Books, e-Booklets,  etc. similar to the information included below.

We have basic beliefs which allows us to pass along all that we have learned and we graciously provide much of our services and products offerings for pricing approachable by practically all people: downloads are available anywhere on the planet.

Honorable Request

While we provide all these materials in the spirit of learning and sharing, it has taken considerably time, effort and investment to make these services and products materialize.

We humbly request that you keep all our materials intact as they were designed when passing it along to your family, friends, colleagues, associates and fortifying relationships of your communities.

We also, ask that whom you have shared with, honor the same request.


Unless indicated otherwise, Benninghofen Company, previously known as Berritt, Inc. copyrights all original Benninghofen material on these pages. Fractional Sales Management - R. Benninghofen Consulting website and Logo are a brand of Benninghofen Company. All rights reserved. No text or image on these pages may be used other than for personal use. Reproduction, modification, storage in a retrieval system or retransmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, or otherwise, for reasons other than personal use, is strictly prohibited without prior written permission.

None of the authors, their agents, publishers and employees, including Benninghofen Company and its employees, warrant any specific or general benefits, monetary or otherwise, from the materials contained here. Clients and Customer acknowledges that no comments, observations, recommendations, or other contents are responsible for Customer's business success or failure, acts or omissions, or for the appropriateness of Customers' business decisions heretofore or hereafter. Any services, products and/or services provided and referenced by and within the following materials are provided without warranty of any kind, including but not limited to, implied warranties or merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, all of which are hereby specifically disclaimed.

Visit our webpages for “RBenninghofenConsulting” “Privacy Notice” and “Terms Of Use” and “Choice Awareness” “Terms of Use”, “Two Cautions”, and “Privacy Policy” for etails about our Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability.



Our documents, eBooks, webpages, etc. may contain various photographs most of which are deemed royalty free: some may be labeled HTI and are from Hemera Photo copyright © Hemera Technologies Inc., its licensors and successors, 1997-2017: Hemera and Photo-Objects are trademarks of Hemera Technologies, Inc.. Other royalty free and stock photos included may be licensed from Fotolia and and their licensors 2017, All Rights Reserved. Some photos are taken, owned, and licensed by Benninghofen Company and maybe labeled “BC” as published by Benninghofen Company.

Brands and Wordmark


Choice Awareness Management™, Choice Awareness Management Publishing, Choice Awareness Management Studios, and Choice Awareness Management Logo™ are proprietary marks of Benninghofen Company and displayed in various websites including:

Choice Awareness Management is also referenced to as CAM or Choice Awareness includes which includes the CAM LOGO Wordmark and Brand Name along with CAM Self-Assessments, CAM Behaviors, CAM Choice Ladder, CAM Enlightenment, CAM Mentoring, CAM Strategies, CAM Methodology, CAM Framework Foundation, CAM OPA Model, CAM Awareness Scale, Flashlight Book Reviews & Commentary is excerpted into An American Guide to Success, CAM Cooking Experience, CAM Fitness & Health, CAM Living, CAM Movies, CAM Music, CAM Seasons: Strategies for Aging, CAM Style, CAM Thinking, The Infinite Value Series, The Infinite Value Newsletter, CAM Lifetime Journey Learning, CAM Lifetime Journey Learning Model, and/or other Benninghofen products referenced herein are Benninghofen Company’s trademarks and may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not provided by Benninghofen Company in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among customers, or in any manner that disparages or discredits Benninghofen Company.


SalesQB is a brand, a program and a DBA created and owned by Maxum Communications, Inc., Maxum where their materials and ideas might be presented herein are implemented and proven examples of what occurs in the best-of-breed (i.e. industry excellent) practices with effective and growth-based sales organizations.

SalesQB proprietary research has been gained through 10 plus years of exchange, study, practices, process and implementation inside of CEOFocus groups. Privacy is protected by agreement with CEOFocus of the participating CEO’s who have implementation experience inside their companies: typically privately held companies.

  • Benninghofen Company is an active and participating licensee of the SalesQB program.

  • All SalesQB program components are proprietary materials of Maxum Communications, Inc. and fall under the protection of the licensee agreement with Benninghofen Company.



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