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Good Suggestions

At Choice Awareness we have taken some very good ideas by adding our unique insights while expanding and enhancing significant themes, which we know will have an impact on your life.

New Perspectives on Time-Honored Good Ideas

In some cases, these good ideas take the form of methodologies or a finer and more precise definition of currently known language.

In any case, exploration of these concepts are a worthy task because they have the capacity to enlarge your understanding, scope and territories available to you.

Please look around and investigate the good ideas with a bent toward being completely open to what shows-up: be willing to perceive some very new perspectives.

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The following two pages help get you in a frame-of-mind for acceptance:

  1. Discipline practicing - learn some new ways for you starting effective personal disciplines

  2. Eliminate distractions - what goes in your planner says a lot about who you are and what you do about it


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