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Truth and Belief

At Choice Awareness we believe strongly that "the definition of truth is complex and highly susceptible to interpretation" across many domains including religion, science, philosophy and law to name a few..

For a few moments, we request that you suspend your current beliefs about truth and delve into some new perspectives which has the possibility of serving you well. 

Look closely at the photograph of arches on the right.

Imagine these to be part of a structure of higher-learning and an associated journey where the arches span time and understanding.

Looking down the hallway, also notice a finite horizon from this photographer's focal reference point.  

Continuing this line of thinking, link this particular point-of-view with the definitions of truth, which has been unfolding for centuries.

Imagine too that the first few arches is where an early example of truth was defined - long before the dark ages.

Then move further down the hallway, five or so arches and consider that another definition evolved with greater awareness and clarity, perhaps where reason and faith were combined. This journey will inevitably continue...

While the photograph suggests finite, we think infinite is more likely.

Consequently, we argue we have not yet completed with an accepted across-the-broad or universally complete explanations of truth: the distinct possibility exists that more shall be revealed forthcoming, probably in other domain's study and research and with varied and different contexts (e.g. consciousness and neuroscience as current exploration fields will deliver untold wonders in the next 50 to 100 years).

We invite you to explore our ideas about truth and ponder with us what it can mean for you:

  1. A different perspective on truth

  2. Is it fact or fiction

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