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Passing It Along

At Choice Awareness  we encourage you to pass along all that you learn with us to your family, friends, business associates and colleagues.

We all need to learn to share with our trusted relationships and this requires that we set some boundaries in place so we know when we are speaking to the right people.

We offer some guidance in this important area because we have defined a basic character set which we believe must be present so that you will be safe and secure without harm coming to you: we invite you to review our accountability partner to understand how beneficial this can be for you.

Perpetuate Learning 

We intend for you to share what you have gained so that you can use the learnings effectively in your own life and those of others: in this way you perpetuate the learning cycle.

We are taking about fundamental beliefs, choices, actions and results that you design for you and your teams - which work for you.

There seems to be no better way to learn than by teaching someone else.

This capability exists inside all of us.

And remember...the things that you share will come back in so many positive ways that it is hard to describe the benefits until you experience them for yourself.

We invite you to explore our ideas about passing it along:

  1. No Mastery Required - what this can mean for you
  2. Cautionary Mention - keep in mind a few simple ideas as guidance for you.


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