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No Dependency

Choice Awareness does not desire, wish, design and/or otherwise plan on creating a dependent relationship with you. We do not intend to hook you to us.

Healthy By Design

We have created and designed products and services that assist/help you to create models for yourself that concentrate upon you developing your own designs, ideas, beliefs, choices, actions and results et al., which are healthy, instructive, directive and productive for you.

We expect no harm to come to you or your associates, team members or otherwise, from your creations: only goodness - see our principles for more understanding.

We are guided by the concept of self-sufficiency and self-reliance upon your own beliefs and choices systems, closely coupled with continuing connections with your stakeholder communities and fortifying relationships.

We deliver products and services that teach personal responsibility and accountability based upon improving individual choice.

Our choice pyramid model guides people in building a sustaining reliance upon themselves, their family, intimate friends, colleagues, associates and other fortifying relationships they purposefully perpetuate (i.e. various circles of people).

Choice Awareness methodologies engage the individual in creating their own designs, models, beliefs, choices and actions system to activate and fulfill their current and future goals.

Cautionary Note

Good and evil exists in our world in plentiful quantities and sometimes it is difficult to determine the proper intention and actions to be carried out.  We believe that a connection to a higher-power (e.g. God for us) will help us solve many of these dilemma's.

But remember, history is wrought with real stories of evil over taking good - just look at King's David and Solomon for examples of this.

We suggest you test and review your ideas (e.g. your beliefs, choices, actions and designed results) as a sanity check with your community of fortifying relationships before going too far down the road...

Get plentiful relationship feedback, then ponder more closely what you are attempting to do.

Regarding your current ideas, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are they worthy?

  2. Do they possess integrity?

  3. Will they harm you or anyone?

  4. What's the over-reaching objective - self centered or sharing?

  5. Do they stand the test of being the right way?

If your answers come back favorable, you are probably on the right track and should feel confident you are doing right.


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