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Foundational Principles

Choice Awareness is introducing our foundational principles which should serve you well.

What you are about to experience with us regarding beliefs and choices is based upon years of gathering empirical, antidotal and personal evidence from people and having them provide their feedback on what they considered important about the subject.

The principles are age-old, passed to us from antiquity.


In our case, operating under known and effective principles is what we want for us all because it surpasses birth-right, personalities, elitism, celebrities and other short-term definitions which are most often non-character based and many times superficially created for promotional purposes, acquisition of power and prestige, control, etc.

(Wisdom Sidebar) When someone mentions that character doesn't matter this should instantly identify the person as self-deluded, someone trying to pull the wool over your eyes, that up is actually down or merely a politician in front of microphone speaking out of both sides of their mouth - we invite you to please turn away from this language or speech. However, this previous example illustrates a different perspective and a good reason for you to be aware of and understand the wrongness of this argument. BTW is was a political strategy put forward to justify aberrant executive behavior - can you recall its usage some years ago?

We want you and your beliefs systems to be character and integrity based; always strive for this in your On-Purpose life. You may fall short at times but keep striving on a daily basis and over time you will see significant results: the truth shall set you free.

More importantly, it’s about grasping a few concepts which will put you in a frame-of-mind to accept new ideas.

While it is not so important what other people think, it is very important what you think and believe about your ideas that really matters!!!

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