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Systemic Symptoms

At Choice Awareness we have extensive background experience in working with and delivering services to small and medium business owners, employed individuals and enterprise professionals.

You will find here some systemic symptoms that we have observed in our work with businesses and people.

There is much previously published materials on the internet to support our experiences and observations.

Our lists are not exhaustive, but will help illustrate for you some of the challenges and issues one must face.

They are placed here to allow you the opportunity to consider how you lead your organization and/or how your people participate in your company. 

Some leaders and their staffs are effective at enrolling people into their belief systems, other are not so good at it.

The data presented will provide some important clues for your consideration.

We hope it helps bring some much needed awareness.

We invite you to explore our ideas on systemic symptoms:

  1. Business symptoms - those which have presented themselves during our consulting projects
  2. Personal symptoms - those which have presented themselves during our coaching and mentoring activities.


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