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Introducing Change

At Choice Awareness we introduces here some starter ideas about how to implement "Change" into your life and business as a workable and painless method to ease you into some of the characteristics of change.

We have a free e-Booklet below in our download table which describes some of the introductory things you can begin thinking about and doing (i.e. hint: it involves your beliefs about change) - just click on the blue download button for the PDF file.

Then Making Change Work

More importantly than just introducing change to you, which by the way is one of the most hotly contested and firmly held beliefs by many people, the real question you need to pose to yourself is "How does one make it stick - inside both you and your business?".

Seems like a tough question - yeah?

And also, what kind of glue does it take that will ensure it holds together?

(Special Note) Change has been unfairly attributed to chaos linked directly to fear of the unknown or with an expectation that uncertainy surely will be delivered from its implementation.

Chaos and uncertainty sometimes looks like the file folders close by - colorful but completely unorganized.

When uncertainty and chaos appears for us, we make declarations like: "If it ain't broke don't fix it" or "We've always done it this way"... 

They surface naturally in our minds and show-up in our language in all kinds of ways: more than the two examples already given. Can you think of any others you might have used?

We say these responses are not necessary, are heart-dashing, and they kill confidence!!! Yet, we all seem to connect to this negative thinking with change because the concepts have become universally accepted: a common fear gathering hurricane by the mere mention of CHANGE many times produces this!!! It is a belief without real merit…and

By the way, our thinking about change is usually worse than the actual change we want to implement: it is almost as scary for some of us, as thinking about "Public Speaking"...

But, please disregard these concerns, if only momentarily while you consider what may be in store for you.

We invite you to embrace a few perspectives to entitle you to discover some expanded ideas about what change can actually deliver you - right now!!!

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Now is the time to try our free downable CAM How to Begin The Process of Change e-Booklet and put it to good and effective use in your life... 

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 How to Begin the Process Of Change  


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