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CAM Definitions

At Choice Awareness we provide ways for you to lift your language with more precision, uniqueness and clarity for definitions.

We have learned that you can define anything for yourself and others: we spent time determining what we wanted it to be.

CAM Definitions

We decided early on to define some things that we thought would be important enough to warrant consideration: we defined belief and faith as starters.

We experimented with specific definitions to distinguish language uniqueness to see what showed up for us.

Then we shared it with people to get their feedback: finding that the ideas resonated with many - we kept at it.

We chose our language carefully with the purpose of imparting clear understanding: using only the English language, where words usually have multiple meanings.

To eliminate confusion, we will identity the exact meaning intended.

We will support the usages with appropriate footnotes, photos, illustrations, etc. to expand your awareness and our intentions.

(Wisdom Sidebar) In our blogs, we make extensive use of imagery and embed further background, intention and historical context for each - you may click on a blog image and be taken to a detailed page with the image and detailed description.

We invite you to explore what we have defined by examining our pages:

  1. BCM ROI - what it takes to get a return on your education investment

  2. Decisions - is there a distinction of a decision and choice?

  3. Experiences - stories we tell and what they can mean to you

  4. Take A Stand - how this relates to character building

  5. Insights - how our personal stories effect us

  6. Moral Compass - how one makes moral choices

  7. Direct Coaching - what it means to you

  8. Disciplines - the what and why of personal disciplines

  9. Illustrations - how we use them and what to expect from us

  10. Manifesting - what this can mean for you

  11. Exploring Possibility - continuos learning will reveal possibility.

  12. Sidebars - the what and why of sidebars

  13. Life Time Members - what this means to us and you


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