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Belief and Faith

At Choice Awareness we have the experiences of thousands of hours of observing and analyzing BELIEF evidence where we have found it to be the corner stone of what makes people realize their aspirations or not.

With our own experiences of it and those of our colleagues, clients, family and friends, our data constitutes a significant body of evidence, including anecdotal, empirical and personal.

We teach, guide and support people in their design, creation and implementation of their own unique belief and choices systems - all architected around time-tested principled systemic and workable foundational beliefs to build experiential faith for beliefs: "manifested" faith cements the belief and ensure results delivered.

Because of this, we are sharing here some new perspectives about our ideas on the topics of "manifested" belief and faith that have helped many people. 

We make a distinction between "manifested" belief and faith as opposed to religious faith with the former being tied to the physical realm, tangible and directly addressable by the individual (you), and the latter being intangible, directly tied to the spiritual realm less quickly and indirectly accessible by you.

(Wisdom Sidebar) The Beliefs Square info-graphic close by depicts the main components of CAM Choice Pyramid in a word cloud format so that you can grasp our perspective and the way that we perceive the significance of the hierarchical journey of manifested belief resulting in manifested faith. With continued usage of our Beliefs and Choices Methodology, we and others have experienced a delivery of a natural lifting of awareness and understanding which occurs over time and with practice: it is made real with practice disciplines.

We invite you to explore our ideas about this subject by clicking on the links below:

  1. Our preamble for beliefs and choices

  2. What Similarities we see coming present

  3. Distinctions we believe are necessary to make

  4. Manifested Beliefs and what it means to you

  5. Manifested Faith and what this can mean to getting your aspirations met.

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