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At Choice Awareness  we do not look for perfection in anything - merely excellence.

We all know what "Good Enough" looks like, don't we? But, we are not referring to the software development domain)

Where Good Enough Shows Up

For "Good Enough" all you have to do is look around you and you will see it in action - everywhere.

We suggest you look closely with the follow:

  1. Government and its practices.

  2. Retailers and their people.

  3. Politicians and their actions.

  4. The Media and their sloth...

Examples of Excellence to Counter The Good Enough

Certainly there are exceptions to the rule-of-thumb and we have identified an institution and two companies that are clear exceptions.

For instance:

  1. government has the Malcolm Baldrig Award,

  2. retailers have Apple,

  3. politicians have .... well, let us leave that one for your own imagination.

  4. Finally, the media has The Wall Street Journal.

Ok, so you are getting our point.

Excellence does exist - we can see it, appreciate it and..... yes, we can measure it.

Definition of Excellence

By way of we have taken the top two explanations:

  1. an excellent quality or feature: Use of herbs is one of the excellences of french cuisine.

  2. the fact or state of excelling; superiority; eminence: his excellence in mathematics.  

From our perspective, we believe it is measurable and we use our own CAM Awareness Scale to highlight this for you.

We've borrowed our illustration of "Measuring Success"

Look closely at the red box in the picture to understand how we define excellence.

We say for us that it exists between 9.5 and 10.0. We shoot for this in all that we do at Choice Awareness.

Because we are humans, we may fall short. But, the point is that we strive for it.

We hope that you agree with us.

(Wisdom Sidebar) Our founder reminds himself about standing for excellence with an exercise which brings the point home for him. When standing either by himself or in front of a group, he visualizes standing on the number 10, where the 1 is under his left foot and the 0 in under his right foot. For him, the numbers are inside large blue circles with the numbers in white. The blue color is what we call our "Berritt Blue" (e.g. our original corporation color schema of 669ACC) and this helps in his visualization of standing in/on/for excellence.

Purposeful Usage

Our goal is to have everyone measure the success of their own BCM designs. The way to accomplish this is to measure the result you have defined. You can use the CAM Awareness Scale, a quantity or amount. or some other relevant measure. To gain an initial insight into how you can do this, click on the link below for Adaptability Reviews.


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