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At Choice Awareness we encourage individuals to take personal responsibility for themselves, their choices and the consequential actions and results which occur from your choices.

This is an individual and basic belief to people being accepted in the world as honest and trust worthy. 

There is no substitute for this and most of us actually know this deep within our souls: shame is a good indicator when honesty is not present.

Personal Accountability

This is an area which effects each one of us.

Consequently, we believe that it is important enough to warrant its own web page(s).

Taking personal responsibility for yourself is a Framework Foundational tenet, along with being an integral part of our principles (i.e. see item 2.) Leaderships, teams and group must also take responsibility for their actions (e.g. see for businesses).

We highly recommend that you participate in this principle (i.e. belief) in all your interactions both personal, work and professionally - every where in your life.

Maximum Benefit

To allow you to get the greatest benefit from our many services and products, no matter how you receive and implement them, we suggest that you have someone, other than yourself, help hold you accountable. This is a go-to person.

This is true for individuals... as it is for businesses. We suggest for businesses that a leadership, project or group team member be the go-to person.

Our experience has shown us that attempting to hold yourself accountable with no go-to person will be temporary at best.

We call this go-to person an accountability partner.

You can accomplish this by finding someone who is like-minded, especially one who possesses a similar set of character, morality, achievement-focused and aspiration-driven traits, and behaviors.

You can find them - it may take some time but you will be successful.

Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is someone who will work with you on a consistent basis - we prefer weekly or semi-monthly.

The person you select to participate in your personal or business life should not be a mentor to you, or currently in your circle or community. They should be unknown to you.

Learn more about the detail characteristics and suggestions of your accountability partner by selecting from the following:

  1. Accountability for Individuals

  2. Accountability for Businesses


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