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Choice Awareness supports you in your development and growth in a number of ways: our workshops are one of the important ways that we interact with you.

This is about helping you put the pieces together for yourself.

We accomplish this by coming face-to-face with you in meeting rooms in corporate offices, hotels, and restaurants, where you can rub shoulders with other people like yourself (i.e. we can accommodate 10 to 100 people depending upon the subject content and the depth of topic).

We also conduct web internet workshops at convenient times during luncheon hours, afternoons and early evening during the week days, and sometimes on Saturday's at varying times.

You will have an opportunity to look at course schedule tables soon, where you select the right course and fit for you and your busy schedule. But, before looking at the details of our courses....

Listen in to a glimpse...

Beliefs Workshop Invitation:  110-12-30

Take a look inside to hear some important questions...

To review our YouTube video about our Beliefs Workshop Invitation 110-12-30 click on Video.


Learning Model

We have 4 items which are critical that we have designed to "Come Present" in each of our workshops as noted in the illustration close by:

  1. Input - experiences, information, knowledge, wisdom from us and from you.

  2. Feedback - what is occurring at this moment and what does it mean to you...

  3. Change - how can we change ourselves and what must we do?

  4. Learning - new education that we can apply in our lives right now...

Our course trainer(s) have responsibility for ensuring that each component works effective for all who attend.

Our and your input, feedback, change and learning are the essentials for effective education. Consequently, we take great care at producing workshops that deliver consistent value.

Characteristically Excellent

We have designed our courses with excellence in mind and ensure that we keep our high standards by constantly getting your feedback and applying improvements.

We measure excellence using our CAM Awareness Scale and target 9.5 to 10.0 on our scale in all workshop components (i.e. while looking at the CAM Awareness Scale, please review our example of "Meaning that Might Help You").

Our overall workshop objective is that our clients and customers gain insight/awareness and are able to apply the learning to make a difference in their personal, work, and business lives.

Workshop Materials

We employ a number of different educational devices and techniques in our workshops, yet each workshop usually includes the following:

  1. An invitation video - questions to consider, introductory highlights.

  2. A Student Guide Overview - course purpose, goal and workshop topics.

  3. A Deeper Look Video - course background, how to get started, reference materials.

  4. A Student Guide Course Materials - course workbook for recording your notes & answers - packed with all kinds of supporting materials.

The first three items are free with only your time to review and determine if they hold value for your investment in yourself. We think so and hope that you come to the same conclusion.

If you decide to move forward with a workshop, select the course by adding to your shopping cart, and you will receive a purchase confirmation email and a download link to get your Student Guide Course Materials (e.g. a zip file for your convenience). Extract the materials, then print them, review them before hand, and finally bring your materials to the workshop with you.

To make your course effective, we suggest you consider taking personal responsibility for the education by finding, enrolling, and engaging an accountability partner.


Please browse our workshops looking at each introductory videos and our Free student guides. Download them at your convenience, but look closely at the "Student Guide - Workshop Deeper Look"  to gain an understanding of what to expect.

  1. Beliefs Workshops - available immediately.

  2. Choices Workshops - scheduled release September 2014

  3. Actions Workshops - scheduled release November 2014

  4. Results Workshops - scheduled release December 2014

  5. Framework Foundation - Scheduled for release December 2014

  6. CAM On-Purpose Awareness Model - Scheduled for release July 2013

  7. more to come...



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BEST REGARDS and Thanks for considering us.

If you find anything particularly compelling or insightful, or you are left with a sense of high energy, please feel free to send us your impressions and any comments you wish to make about these statements. We look forward to getting your feedback, and please Contact Us with what you experienced from our services and products.