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Mentoring Services

At Choice Awareness we provide mentoring, coaching, webinars and workshop services which includes customized facilitation based activities for individuals, businesses and groups who want to get moving quickly or start something new, like a business, a new project, etc.

Each person or business has special and unique needs, which they believe are important for them to achieve.

Some have specific time frames and requirements to meet, whether the requirements are imposed by someone else, either a higher authority, a regulatory body, marketing demands, etc.

It doesn't really matter who imposes the requirement - it needs to get done right now!!!

Beliefs Based Underlying Modeling

We believe that we can help get the results that you want and can do it more effectively with our particular approaches.

Our programs have unique characteristics:

  1. Custom-designed process for your business which help create your unique What, Why and How of it

  2. No special technology requirements - all creations are built with pencil, highlighters, sticky notes, etc.

  3. Focused to produce results within a 60 to 90 day period,

  4. Structured to connect in live face-to-face sessions,

  5. Leadership concentration with one-on-one session - intensive two to three day off-site to begin in the first week, plus more...

  6. Team concentration inside the business coupled with intensive on or off-site sessions.

  7. Definition of Key Measures and Targets

  8. Follow-up accountability and adaptability review sessions,

  9. Methods, processes and suggestions to keep things moving, regardless of what's occurring in your situation,

  10. The results delivered that you want!!!

Take a look at what we have available for you...
  1. Starting a New Business?


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