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1. We're Not Your Physician, Psychiatrist, or Psychological Therapist

We are here to help you and get you thinking about new ideas and get you doing some different things. We offer general and specific learned suggestions, recommendations, practices and disciplines from our own and others experiences, which we believe will be perceived very favorably as information, knowledge and wisdom. We will help you integrate this with appropriate actions designed for you that has the strong possibility of affecting your life in very positive ways.

We want and hope that you will first be able to understand what we are telling you and second, with some effort and willingness on your part, accept and implement the suggestions and recommendations.

We expect that you are an otherwise healthy individual, to the extent that your family, friends and colleagues haven't noticed anything too unusual, peculiar or aberrant about you. And for all intents and purposes you're perceived as a normal, healthy, and active person......

2. We aRE NOT A replacement for Them EITHER

But, we want you to understand this very significant and important point. We are not a replacement or a substitute for professional medical, psychiatry or psychological advice and/or therapy.

If you have a beginning, continuing, serious, progressive or grave physical, emotional, behavioral and/or otherwise related issues which produce abnormal, unlawful, and/or harmful consequences to yourself or those around you, we recommend you seek professional advice/assistance/therapy immediately.

If this sounds like you (i.e. other people have noticed), please get help from professionals, then come back only when these important challenges and issues have been resolved.

(Wisdom Sidebar) There are a number of clinical pathologies that could only be recognized by the medical profession and their practitioners. Having said that, unusual or aberrant behavior has been known to be spotted by those close to the individual possessing these characteristics. Unfortunately, other people such as neighbors, colleagues, associates, etc. not as close to these individuals, would have difficulty identifying any of these mentioned conditions. Given our culture, the existence of threats either from disturbed people and terrorism aggression, we implore caution in dealing with individuals in which you are suspect - please seek professionals and authorities for assistance. We apologize for the seriousness of this message, but it may save lives and protect the innocent.

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