"Beliefs Drive Everything You Do"

At Choice Awareness we are the Creative Contributors who work with you, your leadership people, and your important teams to implement  virtuous and character-based beliefs and choices practices.  

We use our own proprietary Beliefs and Choices Methodology (BCM) to help you define your beliefs, the belief outcomes and all paired choices and actions to get the results you want.

Your beliefs will produce profound results, especially when you learn how to measure and adjust things: it is easy to use and helpful in solving problems.

The virtuous and character-based beliefs and choices which we speak of, have some of the following characteristics: 

  • Clarification of your own personal purpose and your business purpose and refinement of what it means to everyone,

  • Implementing virtuous language allowing for creative thinking while producing professional behaviors,

  • Increased precision in language meaning and usage,

  • Recognition, improvement and attainment of personal/professional achievements,

  • Broadening your current understanding/awareness by accepting personal/professional responsibilities,

  • Practicing your beliefs within each of your participating communities and your business domains/departments,

  • Experiencing new levels of across-the-board contributions and participation, whether in your personal life or your business life.

all of which engage and enroll you in yourself and your employees and stake-holders in your business. Along the way, we help refine your own personal purpose and your business purpose, so that all will understand what you do and who you are.

By involving yourself in developing your own beliefs and choices, you are being different than most people.


We consider ourselves Belief's and Choice's Methodologists who educate aspirants - seeker's, discoverer's and focused achiever's.

We have essential products and services for your personal, teams and businesses that make discovery, modeling and implementation practices easy for you to gain complete belief and faith in yourself, your business, your teammates and others.

From a personal perspective, we help you reveal your own On-Purpose life, then show you how to model it in all your beliefs and choices which will lift your language, your behaviors and your participation - you get on your own course with high motivation and direction.

For businesses, we show you how to create a company culture that are beliefs and people centered, which will align with your company's objectives, increase your employee's participation and their contributions with the end result of growing your business.

Does this sound possible ?

It actually is...

How We Help

Using your own belief(s) systems, we encourage and guide you to discover, become aware and utilize new ways and practices of doing things more effectively.

We believe that your beliefs should be connected to your choices and have them drive and support all your important objectives in your life and business: we educate you about how to engage more powerfully by "Connecting All of It".

Our implementation models, delivered through our products and services, are based upon defining evidence-based living beliefs and choices models: we point you to the "What", "Why" and "How" of it, so you can create them for you and your teams.

Our audiences include individuals, professionals and businesses - there are four significant ways we can make an impact:

  1. We affect the way you believe and make choices by showing you how to lift: your language, your behaviors and your participation;

  2. We help you determine the things that you consider important and your purpose in life;

  3. We assist and help you design your new beliefs, choices, actions and results so they manifest getting you what you want;

  4. We teach, assist and support you in the implementation of your new beliefs system to ensure that your outcomes measure above 8.0 on the CAM Awareness Scale.

Our vision for everyone is "Changing Awareness One Choice at a Time".

We invite you to explore what we offer by learning some of the basics about us. Learn More...


Footnote: Our brand name, Choice Awareness Management is shortened to Choice Awareness across our website.

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